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Statistics as a source of knowledge



Calogero Fede works at ISTAT(Italian Statistics Institute) and came to our school on the 11th of February 2012 to talk to the students of the fifth year about the relevance statistics has in our life. Statistics is applied to several subjects and it involves every field of knowledge. It is a science which collects, analyzes and presents data. Data are experimental observations or events which, once  collected,organized and evaluated, become information and later knowledge.

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Wine…not? Pamplona Coordinators’meeting On the 16th of March 2012, teachers from Spain (Pamplona),




Italy (Marsala), Finland (Joensuu), Poland (Olkusz) and Belgium (Geel) met in Pamplona for the Comenius “Wine…not?” coordinators’meeting . There were Loredana Adamo (IT), Miren Oteiza and Marta Diez (SP), Liesbeth Jacobs and Fabienne Schoofs (BE), Sari Manninen and Mari Kuusimaki (FI), Wojciech Sowinski and Iwona Starzycka(PL).

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Olkusz Coordinators’ meeting report



On the 27th of September 2012 coordinators from Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Finland met in Olkusz(Poland):Marta Diez and Miren Oiteza (SP), Loredana Adamo and Sebastiana Chirco(IT), Fabienne Schoofs and Innias Hufkens(BE), Wojciech Sowinski and Iwona Starzycka(PL) and Sari Manninen(FI).

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Objectives of our project-Wine not


The general aim of this project is to make teenagers aware of the consequences of drinking alcohol and at the same time to let them know the economic world surrounding the production of wine, beer and spirits.


During the first year, we will mainly deal with the economic aspects of alcohol:

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Food and radioactivity

  • Why is food irradiated?

Food is irradiated to provide the same benefits as when it is processed by heat, refrigeration, freezing or treated with chemicals (Cobalt 60, Celsius 137) to destroy insects, fungi or bacteria that cause food to spoil or cause humane disease and to make it possible to keep food longer and in better conditions in warehouses and homes.

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Joensuu Coordinators’ meeting report


On the 28th and 29th of May 2013, teachers from Spain (Pamplona), Italy (Marsala), Finland (Joensuu), Poland (Olkusz) and Belgium (Geel) met in Joensuu for the Comenius “Wine…not?” final coordinators’ meeting . There were Loredana Adamo and Maria Rosaria Buccellato (IT), Miren Oteiza and Marta Diez (SP), Fabienne Schoofs and Innias Hufkens (BE), Sari Manninen, Niko Kaikkonen and Mari Kuusimaki (FI), Wojtek Sowinski and Iwona Starzycka(PL).

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Report of the lecture held on the 29th of November by Doctor Giovanna Ponticello on “HEALTHY FOOD AND NUTRITIVE PRINCIPLES”


-Marika Cudia

A healthy feeding is essential for our body and mind and gives energy.

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Joensuu Coordinators’meeting



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The State Scientific High School "P.Ruggieri" of Marsala was instituted in the school year 1957/58.

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Statistica-una scienza applicata alla vita di tutti i giorni



Sabato 11 febbraio 2012, gli studenti delle quinte classi hanno partecipato alla conferenza tenuta dal Dottor Calogero Fede dell’Ufficio Istat sull’importanza della statistica nella nostra vita.

La conferenza rientra nel Progetto Comenius “Wine…not?” della Commissione Europea , un progetto che mira, tra l’altro, allo studio della produzione vinicola nella nostra provincia.

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Marsala is famous for ...


Marsala is famous for Garibaldi and the Thousand’s landing in 11th May 1860. Marsala is located on the ruins of the ancient Punic city Lilibeo, on the west coast of Sicily, in the province of Trapani.

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